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Submitted on
September 26, 2013


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so ive started drawing comic style pictures more and more lately to the point of my sharpies not even lasting a month anymore,
not that im complaining ive had alot of good ideas and i like it that people have enjoyed my art but sharpies Y U NO LAST LONGER!?! D:

i would love it if anyone had any good one pannel/scene comic ideas for me cause...well... i cant sleep as usual and it doesnt look like ill sleep normal any time soon so i would love a few good ideas, but i may not be doing art trades for a while since ive recently gotten burnt yet again in a trade that i did beautiful work on. sorry to the people i trade with but im just a little hurt :(

i know my minds a weird place but i think its getting weirder, the other day i was in the bathroom and saw bits and pieces of roses stuck all over the sink and stuffed down the drain and my first thought was "oh shit the sexual offenderman was in my house".... instead of the real incident of my three year old niece grabbing a rose from the bush outside and dismembering it in the bathroom when she was bored.. wtf brain......

as usuall, my explination for the title:    

 slender symbols: im as obsessed with slender beings as usual and doing pony cross overs make me super happy, and im still getting an operator symbol on my back i just have to wait for a buddy of mine.

glasgow grins: i like drawing wide disturbed grins and realized many of my OCs have them.

insomnia: i cant fucking sleep -.-
squishhugs im sorry love

psycholiger13 Sep 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
sleep hates me :I
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